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War of the first coalition combatants

War of the first coalition combatants

Combatants Kingdom of Prussia, French First Republic, Holy Roman Empire, Ottoman Empire, Kingdom of Naples Similar War of the Second Coalition, War ...
War of the First Coalition Clios Lessons French Revolution War of the First Coalition
Napoleon at the Battle of Rivoli, 14 January 1797
Strategic situation in Europe in 1796
Combatants Holy Roman Empire, French First Republic, Kingdom of Prussia, Ottoman Empire, Russian Empire Similar Napoleonic Wars, War of the First Coalition, ...
The war of the second coalition
Lejeune - Bataille de Marengo.jpg
Battle of Somosierra (30 November 1808) in Spain
Combatants France, French First Republic, Kingdom of Prussia, Habsburg Monarchy Similar Battle of Jemappes, War of the First Coalition, Battle of Fleurus, ...
The Sixth Coalition's monarchs, Tsar Alexander I of Russia, Emperor Francis I of Austria and King Frederick William III of Prussia, are informed that the ...
Preliminaries to war[edit]
While the First Coalition attacked the new Republic, France faced civil war and counter-revolutionary guerrilla war. Here, several insurgents of the ...
Austria strikes first[edit]
Napoleon Wagram.jpg
The First Coalition (1793-97):
French revolutionary wars war of the first coalition
Coalition forces of the Napoleonic Wars
Combatants First French Empire, United Kingdom, Spain, Russian Empire, Austrian Empire Similar War of the Fourth Coalition, War of the Second Coalition, ...
Combatants First French Empire, United Kingdom, Confederation of the Rhine, Kingdom of Naples, Duchy of Warsaw Similar War of the Fourth Coalition, War of ...
... War of the First Coalition · Black and white drawing of soldiers throwing boulders at one another
Charge of the Scotts Greys at Waterloo
Combatants French First Republic, Kingdom of Great Britain Similar Chouannerie, Infernal columns, Battle of Valmy, War of the First Coalition, ...
Napoleonic Wars
Strategic situation in Western Europe in 1815: 250,000 Frenchmen faced a coalition of about 850,000 soldiers on four fronts. In addition, Napoleon had to ...
The War of the Fifth Coalition
U.S. Marines entering Kuwait during the Persian Gulf War, February 1991.
Napoleon Crossing the Alps by Jacques-Louis David (1800)
Combatants Kingdom of Prussia, First French Empire, United States of America, United Kingdom, Sweden Similar French invasion of Russia, Napoleonic Wars, ...
War of the First Coalition (1792–1797)
Iraq War
Napoleonic Home Page | Books on the Napoleonic Wars | Subject Index: Napoleonic Wars
Battle of Waterloo
10 Facts About the Napoleonic Wars
Battle of Abensberg is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list List Of War
A colour illustration of First World War allies, the German Reich and Austria-Hungary
A Sardinian battalion of elite grenadiers held off three separate attacks by French General Pierre Augereau's
Why the First Gulf War Was Really a Disaster
Afghanistan War
The French division of General Amédée Laharpe rolls over the Austrian position at Mount Pra during
Combatants Spain, French First Republic, Kingdom of Great Britain, Kingdom of Sardinia Similar Battle of Rivoli, War of the First Coalition, Battle ...
It was Napoleon's relentless pursuit that changed the pace of warfare and gave the Austrian commanders
During intense fighting on April 11, 1796, at the mountaintop redoubt of Monte Negino
U.S.-Led Coalition Accused Of 'Potential War Crimes' In Push To Reclaim Raqqa
French cuirassiers charging a British infantry square at the Battle of Waterloo, 1815 (1906
The Prolonged War: Violence & the Reshaping of Europe 1918-1923
Jena-Auerstedt Campaign, October 1806
The french revolutionary wars every other day
British PM John Major gets his hands dirty. Reuters/Jonathan Bainbridge
French Revolutionary wars
Combatants First French Empire, Austrian Empire Similar Battle of Ulm, War of the Third Coalition, Battle of Wertingen, Battle of Dürenstein, ...
Sudanese forces fighting alongside the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen
Civilian casualties down but US-led coalition causing more of them, UN report says
Who is fighting in Syria's civil war?
The Battle of Waterloo
The Battle of Austerlitz saw outnumbered French forces take victory.
British troops outside the liberated British Embassy in Kuwait in 1991. PA/David Giles
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Causes, Events & Political Figures of the Gulf War
Surrender of Madrid, 1808. Napoleon enters Spain's capital during the Peninsular War.
21 Facts About the First Gulf War
Operation Desert Storm: 25 Years Since the First Gulf War
Image: FILE PHOTO: U.S. Army soldiers from the 2nd Platoon, B battery 2
A coalition of Arab states launched a military campaign in 2015 to defeat the Houthis and
Tennis Court Oath
Combatants First French Empire, Confederation of the Rhine, Duchy of Warsaw, Denmark–Norway Similar Battle of Leipzig, Napoleonic Wars, Battle of Lützen, ...
This photo shows a member of Yemen's pro-government forces firing a machine gun south
Seven Years' War
Battle of Aspern-Essling is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list List
History enthusiasts take part in a reenactment of the Battle of Waterloo. From the documentary Sean Bean on Waterloo on HistoryHit.TV.
French Revolutionary Wars Revolutionary war
Punic Wars
War of the Grand Alliance
Persian Gulf War
Crowning of Napoleon, memorialized by Jacques-Louis David
events, War of the First Coalition 1792 - 1797, French Corps of general Barthemly
FACT: Germany Could Have Won World War One If It Had Done This
Battle of the Pyramids
The Impact of the First World War and Its Implications for Europe Today
Turkish-backed Syrian fighters train in a camp in the Aleppo countryside, northern Syria
Smoke rises above Sanaa, Yemen following a Saudi-led coalition air strike targeting a
A Yemenis man walks past flames rising from the ruins of buildings destroyed in an air
The Good, the Bad and the Messy: The Legacy of the First Gulf War
Who's Who in Syria's Civil War
A member of a Kurdish special forces regiment watches from a hilltop as a U.S.-led coalition airstrike targets an Islamic State position while a large ...
Combatants French First Republic, Habsburg Monarchy Similar War of the Second Coalition, ...
The Russian army enters Paris in 1814.
Yemen's Houthis Attack Supply Line of Saudi-Led Coalition
Battle of the Nile
Comment: On its 25th anniversary it's worth talking about the Gulf War